Construiti-va propria casa – Building your own home for Dummies Part 1

The process of building a custom home isn’t linear. Not everyone starts with
the purchase of a piece of land, for instance. Some people go to an architect
first to help them create a floor plan. Others may jump right in with both feet,
and be halfway through construction before they realize they need to borrow
money in order to finish.
Creating a custom home may be the biggest, most exciting project you have ever been involved in
(yes, even more exciting than when you figured out static electricity in third-grade science class). As excited as you are though, you don’t want to rush into it. In this part, we give you a general overview of what you’re getting into.
We also show you how to get organized and help you acquire land. Lastly, we help you decide on the type of home to build and walk you through the design andpermit process with architects and designers.

Most people at some time in their lives desire owning a custom home.
Some people are attracted to the thought of designing and creating something big from scratch. Others want to live in a new home that meets their specific needs instead of a house that looks like every other home on the block. Some people begin the custom home process by accident when they find a piece of land that inspires them.
More than 35 percent of new homes are custom homes. That means more than 300,000 custom homes are built every year. For each person building a custom home, five people are in the process of designing one. So you’re in excellent company with many people dreaming about moving into a home designed and built just for them. Because custom homes are so
popular, tons of resources are available to help you through the process.
But, like Rome, your new home won’t be built in a day. The custom home process is lengthy, emotional, and expensive, without much consistency to it.
Face it; custom homes require custom work and plenty of it! This work makes building a custom home challenging, and yet that extra work is what makes
your project unique to you. You may feel overwhelmed at times, but by trusting in the experience of the professionals you engage in your project and keeping this invaluable book by your side, you can have a manageable projectthat delivers the custom home you have been dreaming of.
Where Do You Start?


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